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The Tyranny of SSgt Fitbit Ssgt Fitbit
I have a Screw Loose Screw Loose
Ketchup on Hotdogs
Write a Children's Book

Why Plan When You Can React?

Free Books I Wrote - Not Very Good But the Price is Right

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Hollinger - Hullinger   Switzerland to America


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Pacific Northwest Aug 2021, Covid-19! 

Panana Canal 2019-20

North Atlantic 2019

France 2019

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Ascension Island 2019

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Scotland 2016

Corner to Corner 2016

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Egypt 2007

Sabbatical 2003

MOAA Military Gala May 2021

June 2021 - Thanks for the photo, Betty

City Planning and Economic Development


Sustainable Economic Development


Military Officers Association


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Economic Development in Peoria, Illinois

Family Heritage


HARLAN HART LOCKRIDGE CHAPIN  English Ancestor  Our First American  Served With Lincoln  Served in the Civil War


Liffengren Anderson Homestead

Course I Taught About Chicago





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Sustainable Economic Development
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The following blogs were used by Sarasota Sister Cities. Some of them 
are still in use today, others are of value for the history of the organization.

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DNA America
DNA and War
DNA Conquest

Stories and Photos

Age 17 Model A The Teenage Mind - Cow Fighting Age  18-19  Volunteer Social Work Marines  ...